EBTC (European Business and Technology Centre) Europe-India clusters are unique and sector-specific industry associations with select organisations that collectively work upon business collaborations, policy action and project opportunities within the Europe-India business corridor through a demand-driven and multi-stakeholder platform. Sustainability and innovation form the core of these clusters.

Europe-India relationships have been moving at a fast pace over the past decade with significant impetus right from the top leadership. This makes the two regions natural partners in tackling climate change, green energy, storage technologies, resource efficiency, mobility and sports.

Both regions have made noteworthy progress in enhancing bilateral co-operation in the areas of sustainable modernisation, urban development, R&D and clean energy. This is driven by strategic initiatives at the highest levels. In fact, the India-EU merchandise trade has registered an all-time high value of USD 116.36 Billion in 2021-22 with a year-on growth of 43.5%.

As the European Union and India restart talks to further strengthen their bilateral trade and investment ties, EBTC’s Clusters provide the ideal platform for European and Indian stakeholders to engage and build joint value propositions. The Free Trade Agreement (FTA), currently being negotiated, has the potential to be a gamechanger in EU-India business and trade relations.


Europe’s leadership in clean and innovative technologies, coupled with India’s huge consumption market and ambitious commitment to become carbon neutral by 2070, make them natural partners. The Cluster aims to translate this opportunity into tangible business collaborations and project opportunities to grow together.

Benefits for Cluster Members

Europe-India Focus
  • EBTC Clusters are the only industry clusters that exclusively focus on the Europe-India Business Corridor
  • Collectively access projects and generate business in India through a demand-driven approach
Innovation and Efficiency
  • Increased efficiency through latest technology and collective innovation
Access to Projects
  • Use the combined reach, network, and strength of all cluster members, led by EBTC to present a united face to secure large projects
Market Intelligence
  • Get the latest developments, tenders, and project opportunities in the sector specific to India and Europe
Matchmaking and Networking
  • Dedicated cluster meetings, B2B sessions, external stakeholder meetings etc., increase visibility

The cluster holds regular thematic meetings, workshops, and events with a pre-determined agenda catering to diverse business interests of all its members and identify new and innovative business opportunities. EBTC heads and manages such clusters with diverse a poll of diverse and forward-looking organisations, subject-matter experts and industry leaders.

With support from EBTC, acting as a neutral convener, the clusters pursue projects, drives advocacy, curates B2B matchmaking activities and participates in relevant conferences and events to drive the agenda of cluster members. The objective is to create multi-stakeholder and demand-driven project opportunities in India, leveraging the combined strength of all cluster members.

It works collectively based on milestones and structured working groups. Using the specific expertise and niche of each organisation, the cluster presents a superior and more well-rounded value proposition to the rightsholder, while also enabling price discovery.

Benefits for Clients

Structured Working Groups
  • With well-defined milestones to drive through leadership
Superior Value Proposition
  • Using the individual expertise of all cluster members
Turnkey Services
  • From business planning, feasibility studies, project management, to post implementation support, revenue, and commercial strategy
Enhanced Project Management
  • Better project planning, financing and execution leveraging the networks, manpower and resources of all cluster members