The Transport Cluster Concept encompasses cluster models in key industries within the Indian transport sector. It supports Indian and European stakeholders by means of customized and innovative project structures and approaches that enable collaboration in key industries of the transport sector such as: 

Sustainable mobility (including e-mobility and alternate fuels), railways, ports and aviation clusters 

The Government of India has been and is pushing for cleaner mobility technologies to reduce negative effects on the environment and E-mobility and transports are one of the sectors highly impacted by the dynamism of the government.  For example, in 2016, cabs and taxi aggregators were forced to switch from diesel/petrol to CNG.  Now, the government is aiming to have an electric/hybrid vehicle population of about 6 to 7 million by 2020 (Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprise, government of India).

The central objective of the clusters are to get several key stakeholders together, create sustainable pilot projects in both the private- as well as the public landscape and thus contribute to opening-up the market for this sector.  


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