Aviation Cluster

Growing collectively by strengthening bilateral relations and co-operation between European and Indian aviation organisations through demand-driven projects, business collaborations and policy advocacy.


Through the multi-stakeholder approach of the cluster, we believe we can collectively enhance the representation and opportunities for EU businesses across the aviation industry value-chain in India

This cluster strives to:

  • Catalyse business involvement through value-chain based access strategies
  • Build strong bilateral and multilateral business collaborations
  • Strengthen business efforts towards green and sustainable aviation

India: One of the Fastest Growing Aviation Markets

Passenger traffic is expected to triple in India by 2037

Growing Market – Growing Opportunities

The aviation sector is facing a paradigm shift which creates new growth opportunities in novel ecosystems for both the European and Indian aviation sectors.  It is the joint commitment from both India and Europe towards ‘green aviation’ and more sustainable models, technologies, and solutions in this sector that drives the cluster.

In light of this, focused business support through a project-centric Europe-India cluster model holds tremendous scope to create a positive impact on the business communities and their stakeholders respectively. Eventually, this increased and improved engagement at business-level can also enrich collaborations through focused policy interventions in this sector.

Driving Green and Sustainable Aviation through a Demand-Driven Approach


  • Identify environmentally/ financially sustainable opportunities in the aviation sector
  • Enhance focus on bilateral collaboration between Europe and India


  • To have a collaborative platform enabling European and Indian businesses to create opportunities by showcasing expertise and good practices in the realm of green and sustainable aviation

Key Areas


  • Green Airports
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel


  • MRO
  • Airports
  • Mobility Concepts

Safety & Operations

  • Air Traffic Control
  • PBN
  • Runway safety


  • Address sectoral demands in India with technology transfer, pilot projects and business partnerships
  • Develop opportunities and strategies by strengthening the position of European and Indian aviation companies

Structure of the Cluster

Within the cluster, working groups focus on topics related to key sub-divisions of aviation. Cluster members actively take part on the developments by regularly exchanging information, showcasing their individual best practices and discussing how to jointly move forward in these specific sub-sectors. The cluster currently operates three active working groups which includes sustainability, safety and maintenance and repair operations (MRO). There are several other working groups which are at various stages of conceptualisation ranging from emerging technologies, drones, and more, all driven by our focus on creating a sustainable aviation future.

Sustainability Group
It is estimated that India will move from 8th ranking in 2019 to 3rd in the year 2050 in usage of aviation fuel. There is a compelling case for an inclusive and sustainable growth of the sector by adopting various strategies like Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) 

Safety Group
The stakeholders from the EU and India have engaged extensively over aviation safety through the cluster. With detailed workshops on runway safety focusing on adoption of Global Reporting Format (GRF) and implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN), the stakeholders have discussed the tools to enhance aviation safety and efficiency

MRO Group
MRO sector is of critical importance to aerospace industry as it ensures airworthiness. India is the 7th largest aviation market in the world and is progressing to become the 3rd largest market by 2026. This working group exists on adding their expertise to developing India into an MRO hub

Other Groups
Several new working groups are in the pipeline leveraging latest innovations and technologies based on the business interests of cluster partners and upcoming project opportunities

Poul V. Jensen
Poul V. Jensen

Managing Director                                            

“As India makes rapid strides in aviation volume growth, innovation and sustainability will will form the basis for long term business success. The Cluster, with support from its hand-picked partners who are leaders in their respective domains, is ideally suited to identify and co-create demand-driven project opportunities through a multi-stakeholder approach”

Key Activities

The cluster holds regular thematic meetings, workshops and events with a pre-determined agenda catering to diverse business interests of all its members and identify new and innovative business opportunities. With support from EBTC, the cluster pursues projects, drives advocacy, curates B2B matchmaking activities and participates in relevant conferences and events to drive the agenda of cluster members. The objective is to create multi-stakeholder and demand-driven project opportunities in India, leveraging the combined strength of all cluster members

Cluster Members

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