Europe India Corporate Finance Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform that provides thought leadership in key areas of finance and co-creates a body of knowledge to support the objective of internationalisation for businesses in Europe and India.


Finance plays a pivotal role in internationalisation as access to finance, knowledge about financial compliances, subsidies, frameworks, models, regulations, and laws is vital for making informed decisions.

The forum is structured as a multi-stakeholder platform guided by an annual workplan with partners from the financial sector to co-create a Body of Knowledge (BoK). The forum compliments and supports core objectives of EBTC, enabling development cooperation and internationalisation for business-to-business collaborations and joint value propositions.

The below depicts the Strategic framework of the forum:

EBTC Europe-India Corporate Finance Forum: Key Activities and Services


The Forum envisions to provide thought leadership in the financial domain for collaboration and internationalisation between Europe and India. This will be achieved by co-creating a BoK along with the partners through focused knowledge sharing activities.

EBTC Europe-India Corporate Finance Forum: What do you get?


Business goals can be best supported by creating awareness of opportunities, identification of suitable means of finance and providing infrastructure for growth. Therefore, the Forum will support the following activities:

  • Promote and exchange knowledge and experience within the financial world in a bi and/ or multi-lateral context.
  • Identify and discuss relevant current topics and future trends within the financial industry
  • To support and guide initiatives for the convergence and harmonization of the European financial markets and the increasing globalisation of economies.

The illustrative Key themes for the support of Body of Knowledge (BoK)

The Forum designs a detailed workplan together with the forum partners, focusing on engagement with businesses from Europe and India and co-creating a body of knowledge.


The focused workplan is designed by EBTC in consultation with the forum partners to facilitate the following:


Out Reach

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Support For Business

Support For Business

The work plan activities include series of knowledge sharing sessions lead by the Forum partners and coordinated by the Forum Secretariat (EBTC). The Forum activities will engage with Europe-India businesses, business member organizations, governments, commercial and economic diplomats, Academia, forums from India and Europe to jointly contribute for knowledge sharing. The feedbacks from the activities will be useful for enhancing the ecosystem for ease of doing business.


EBTC Europe-India Corporate Finance Forum: Driven by a Pre-aligned Annual Workplan

The forum coordinates advisory engagements (interactive meetings) with select corporates from Europe and India, looking for Internationalization and joint value propositions.

The BoK co-created by the Partners and the Secretariat is documented and shared with relevant stakeholders as discussion papers (outcomes of the online sessions). As part of the forum visibility activity a blog series is initiated for the partners to contribute and engage with relevant stakeholders.

Gaurav Mehndiratta

Gaurav Mehndiratta

Partner KPMG in India, Forum Knowledge Partner

“We look forward to support EBTC in building the body of knowledge which will provide thought leadership to businesses in internationalisation and enhance economic activity between India & Europe.”

Rajat Verma

Rajat Verma

MD & Country Head, Commercial Banking, HSBC India, Forum Knowledge Partner

“Our endeavour is to work with EBTC as a knowledge partner towards the co-creation of thought leadership content for the financial domain. We look forward to partnering with EBTC to further enhance the economic corridor between India-Europe and support the investment, trade flows and economic cooperation."

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