How the EU & Swiss Businesses can Leverage Trademark Protection in India

As counterfeiting, infringement and piracy cases are on the rise, the EU and Swiss businesses must be aware how to protect their brand, products and services and which legal tools they can avail to fight off IPR violations. Although the Indian IPR ecosystem has been harmonised with the international standards, the EU and Swiss business might have reservation about adequacy of enforcement and slow registration of the trademarks.

Thus, the webinar aims to explore whether it is necessary for a European/ Swiss business to register a trademark in India? What are the legal measures against trademark infringement or counterfeiting? How does Indian Customs Authority help the trademark holders in enforcing their IP? These and many other questions will be discussed by legal experts and industry representative, to provide concrete guidance on trademark protection and enforcement in India.

The session aims to:

  • Increase awareness about trademark protection and enforcement in India
  • Discuss the role of the Customs Authority in fighting off infringement.
  • Present a case study of an EU/Swiss business in regard to their experience with trademark protection and enforcement in India

    Date: 8th Oct, ‘21

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