5 Initiatives that We Draw Inspiration
from, this Earth Day

5 Initiatives that We Draw
Inspiration from, this Earth Day

EBTC | 22nd April 2022

Every year, Earth Day provides all of us an opportunity to take a moment’s pause and relook at our actions that earn us our position on this great big blue dot in the Universe.

This Earth Day is a special one, themed ‘Invest in Our Planet’, it motivates us to invest in our planet through our actions in fostering green technology enterprise collaborations in the Europe-India Business Corridor.

However, it is not all business at the European Business and Technology Centre, we keep an eye out for the most effective and innovative acts of kindness from people invested in our planet’s longevity.

So here are a few movements that we find inspiring.

1. Afroz Shah Foundation

Starting 358 weeks (about 7 years) ago, as their website emphatically mentions, this effort has grown in size and action, and can now effortlessly claim to being the World’s Largest Beach Clean Up effort ever. The foundation takes a multi-level approach through reducing and reuse of plastic, bringing behavioral change and fostering zero-garbage communities. We salute Afroz Shah’s efforts and the citizens who have come forth and joined hands with him.

2. Planet B by Ratika VanNoord Bhatnagar

‘Planet B - the making of MITRA’ by Ratika van Noord Bhatnagar. This is a sci-fi, fantasy, adventure story for children approx.age 10years old, based in a dystopian future world. The main purpose of the book is to create awareness about sustainability, promote waste segregation at source and to encourage circular economy. Keeping the purpose of the book in mind, it has been printed with soy based inks on paper made from 100% recycled, post-consumer fibre.

3. Ocean CleanUp – System 002 - Jenny

Founder and CEO, Boyan Slat started Ocean Cleanup in 2013 with a single-minded aim of cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Now, a decade later he has introduced System 002. All the systems so far have been named after characters from the movie Forrest Gump. The system 002, titled Jenny has already ramped up the aspirations and the work of the not-for-profit.

4. Apple

In lieu of Earth Day 2022, Apple has announced an extensive list of actions they will be taking to continue their commitment toward environmental causes. Apple has expanded the use of recycled rare earth elements in their products and now takes pride that almost 20% of any Apple product being made of recycled materials. In addition to realignment in manufacturing process, Apple has also announced content offerings, some of which make it easier for Apple users to seek and enjoy green spaces, responsibly.

5. Earth Day Initiatives in Europe

Cities throughout Europe have found innovative ways to celebrate Earth Day, ensuring that citizens from all levels of society can find a way to connect to the intentions of the day. Children are being brought on board through “green sales” and eco-explorer camps. Citizens of all ages are being brought on board through cleanup and community awareness events.

At EBTC, we are 100% committed to make the world a more livable place for future generations through demand-driven collaborations in the Europe-India Business Corridor. Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of everything that we do.

Over the years, EBTC has played a significant role in transforming path-breaking ideas relating to climate change, carbon neutrality and green technology to create value-added business propositions. Through its various projects and initiatives, the organisation supports the scaling-up of such technologies and solutions.

The Living Lab is one such unique project in this regard. Supported by Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) and Smart Cities Mission, the Lab allows European SMEs to pilot and test their solutions in an Indian context in a LIVE environment. It features a team of specialists in running challenges to find customised solutions to important issues.

In addition to this, the organisation plays an important role in the implementation of flagship EU projects like the EU-India Clean Energy and Climate Project, EU-India Business Support to Policy Dialogues Project, EU-India Urban Partnership and much more.

We will sign off with a thought we truly believe in, every day is Earth Day and this is the time to invest in our planet. It’s time we act now!

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