Services for Policy & Advocacy


EBTC functions as a platform to connect EU and Indian policy makers and businesses.

The rules and the frameworks of Government greatly affect and support business and research in India. EBTC represents the voice of European business in India and helps to identify and build relationships with local, regional and national governments in India. EBTC also showcases Indian realities and advocates with policy makers in Europe.

In summary, the range of activities and services offered by EBTC encompass the following:

  • Advocacy, market access and first-entry point services.
  • Putting in place systems, channels and collaborative platforms.
  • Tailor-made services.
Tell us about yourself

Register your profile with EBTC, tell us about yourself and your requirements to enable us to guide and support you in interacting with the Government, developing projects, and providing a voice through policy advocacy.

Interact with desicion makers

Throughout the year, EBTC organises events which are a key platform to interact with Government officials and decision makers. With EBTC's pan-India presence and close connection to regional and national Governments, as well as increased activity with chambers across India, we are able to connect you to the relevant departments for support.

From projects to policy

There is a lot of information out there, and the process of identifying and bidding for Government projects and tenders can be overwhelming. Our executives and sector specialists are available to guide and provide support in this process. Well rooted within the Indian, they will also help you understand Indian policy in your sector.

PPP's, funding & IPR

With increasing opportunities for Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP’s) across sectors, and with PPP’s differing from State-to-State, it is a complicated arena that we can help with. From market intelligence, documentation guidance to providing expert opinions in your arena. EBTC does not provide funding, but where applicable, EBTC will inform you of funding support such as subsidies that can be availed of. Within the whole process protecting your ideas and technologies is made easy through our Indo-European IP Facilitation Forum and a range of services to address all your IPR concerns.

Pilot Projects

Government support of pilot projects can help ensure that your technology reaches the market it is aimed at, and most importantly, that if successful, is scaled up and adopted in other markets. With our ‘Making-Pilots-Happen’ model, EBTC can help create visibility for your project.

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