• Latest Report
    Latest Report

    Science and Technology Research Players in India

    A rich compilation of key Indian research institutes and universities across eight sectors.


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  • ETEC

    ETEC provides real and virtual spaces to demonstrate and interact with European technologies, innovate, engage in vocation training, and more.

    Learn about:
    - Virtual ETEC (accessible online)
    - ETEC@Bengaluru
    - ETEC@TCE

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  • A Cleantech Toolbox
    A Cleantech Toolbox

    For businesses, researchers, clusters and policy makers, EBTC is paving avenues for EU-India cleantech collaborations with a toolbox of services tailored to individual needs and requirements.

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  • The IPR Helpdesk
    The IPR Helpdesk

    Providing information about IPR laws in India with implication for EU SMEs’ and researchers, the EBTCs’ IPR helpdesk in India provides a range of support and technical services.

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  • Promoting European Clean Technologies in India & Tackling Climate Change
    Promoting European Clean Technologies in India & Tackling Climate Change

    The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) supports EU cleantechnology companies and researchers on their market entry to India with a focus on Biotechnology, Energy, Environment, Transport.

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Experience EU Technologies

intro-etec-imageEuropean Technology Experience Centre(ETEC) showcases and demonstrates your clean technologies in India via its real and virtual platform.

Indian entities can experience the European technologies and engage with solution providers.

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Highlight: Watch the latest Webinar

photos-widget 140521 watch-the-latest-webinarInnovation through EU-India Knowledge Sharing:
Featuring Coventry University Enterprises Ltd.

EBTC and CUE will be jointly offering a range of services related to business and research collaboration and consulting in the areas covered in this webinar to Indian organisations.

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