Building a business ecosystem for a Swedish SME with a real-time water quality monitoring system - Aqua-Q AB (Sweden)


Clean water, free from pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and super bugs, is the need of the hour, and EBTC facilitated Aqua-Q from Sweden to build a collaborative business ecosystem in India.

Chief Scientist and CEO of Aqua-Q AB from Sweden, Mr. Sudhir Chowdhury highlighted that poor water quality presents a large health and socio-economic burden on the country – chemical contamination is common, and waterborne diseases are rife in India (37.7 million Indians are affected by waterborne diseases annually.) The demand for clean water is growing, and he estimates that the market is estimated to grow at 10-20% each year. Providing a fitting solution to a critical problem, Aqua-Q AB’s real-time water quality monitoring system, already used across Sweden, will soon be available and adapted to the Indian market for both the public and private sector so that clean and safe drinking water can be distributed to all consumers and across industries.

In December 2012, Aqua-Q started a co-operation with the European Business & Technology Centre (EBTC) to explore the Indian market and to bring their innovations to the country. Since then, EBTC has helped Aqua-Q develop and strengthen a sustainable business ecosystem in India, starting with the Eastern region. This ecosystem in India consists of key entities such as manufacturers, suppliers, technology companies, scientific institutions, EPC companies, software developers, consultants, and more.

Aqua-Q has signed agreements with organisations including Abhaya Precision Industries, Sulekha, and Symbio Greentech in Kolkata, as well as with Globe Water AB from Sweden to adapt, manufacture, distribute, and develop the Aqua-Q technology to the market demands of the region. 

“Aqua-Q will transfer the technology so that this production can be made locally for the Indian market and adapt the technology to Indian conditions. We will also have the possibility to export it back to Sweden with our brand name, and Aqua-Q sees this is a very big opportunity and have great expectations on this co-operation.”
- Dr. Sudhir Chowdhury (CEO & Chief Scientist, Aqua Q)

 Watch a film about Aqua-Q's exploratory mission to Kolkata


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