A webinar success story: Envirex India / Windside (Finland) collaborates with Sulekha to market hybrid energy solutions in India


Envirex India Pvt. Ltd. represents Windside (Finland) in India to market their hybrid wind solar energy solution. While Envirex is present in Western India, to tap the eastern and north eastern region it needed a partner with the knowledge and networks in the region. In June 2014, facilitated by EBTC, Envirex collaborated with Sulekha Works Ltd from Kolkata to market the same in the Eastern and North Eastern States of India. 

This type of partnership is an example of utilising multiple organisations and networks in India to reach the large, diverse, and complex Indian market.

James Gardiner (Director - International Business Development, Windside Production) said that “Windside first interacted with EBTC through a webinar which explained the services & benefits EBTC could offer to European SMEs trying to enter the Indian market, specifically the Northeast. Our idea was to bring a new concept of hybrid micro-power plants utilising solar, energy storage, and Windside’s robust vertical-axis wind turbine technology.

EBTC was able to identify a well-established NE solar systems company, Sulekha, and to introduce them to Windside’s newly authorised Indian distributor, Envirex, based in Mumbai. An MoU was completed relatively quickly in agreement to cover the NE on behalf of Envirex which had no business operations in that area of India.

All parties are thankful for the guidance & assistance provided by EBTC in this endeavour. Now it is up to us to prevail in the more difficult phase of actually 'doing business'”.

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