SES Lighting (Slovenia) collaborates with a Kolkata entrepreneur and bags a demonstration project


Smart Energy Solutions for industrial lighting (SES Lighting) from Slovenia, is producing intelligent industrial high bay LED lights called ‘beLine’ which is specifically made to resist harsh conditions (such as high temperatures, the presence of emulsion, dust, powder and oils in the atmosphere, and so on) in heavy industry. BeLine products are distinguished by its exceptional characteristics in the reduction of electricity costs by up to 80%, CO2 emissions by up to 90%, and considerably better illumination.

SES lighting started in Slovenia in 2010 by Mr. Bostjan Bedene and since 2013, they have taken strides to internationalise across multiple markets including the European Union, North American and Asian markets as well.

SES lighting was introduced to EBTC by Ms. Natasa Turk (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Area Director) in January 2014. A month later, SES lighting visited Kolkata and met several companies in Kolkata.

With the assistance of EBTC Kolkata, SES Lighting partnered with Mr. Hitesh Kyal, a Kolkata based entrepreneur and signed an NDA. With Mr. Kyal and EBTC’s further guidance, SES Lighting identified companies in the eastern region and successfully bagged a demonstration from Sudisa Foundry Pvt. Ltd. in Jamshedpur.

An innovative model for EU technology commercialisation in India.

Two LED lights were imported from Slovenia and were finally installed and commissioned in the foundry premises on 13th November 2014. This technology demonstration is an important first step for a sustainable business model.

The product is supported with a business model that allows lighting replacement with no initial investment, because the investment is repaid with savings. The average turn of the investment is between 1 and 3 years depending mostly on the electricity price.

According to Mr Bostjan Bedenem “We are very much engaged in expanding the Indian market as we think it is a very prosperous market for our product due to the energy strategy and environmental concerns. The efficiency, durability, reduction of energy costs and also highly improved working conditions are just some of the benefits for which lighting replacement right now is a very reasonable investment.

We had an opportunity to use EBTC’s services to help to our efforts for efficient entry into the Indian market. They have been providing us with all the relevant information about opportunities to find potential partners and due to their help we established new contacts to grow our business. We value their support and hope to cooperate in the same manner in the future.”

Collaborating with local entrepreneurs

The unique aspect of this case is that the LED light is being commercialised in India by an individual Indian entrepreneur. This phenomenon of commercialising EU technologies through an entrepreneur, formation of an Indian firm, generation of employment, wealth creation for both EU and India, lays a small yet concrete foundation for EU-India cooperation for development strategies.

This Indian entrepreneur wants to form the company that will have competency in the area of energy auditing and energy efficiency solutions. In order to do this, the company needs to acquire further skills and technical certificates. These are important capacities which need to be created to absorb EU technologies. Therefore, to bring an EU technology and company in India, this calls not only for partnering with established companies, but also creating and nurturing entrepreneurs as well as capacity building, skill development and upgradation.

According to Mr Hitesh Kyal “EBTC is doing fantastic work in the realm of bringing India and Europe closer on the business table. It is important that EBTC continues to promote Entrepreneur-based commercialisation in India, as it allows for greater cross-cultural understanding and lesser resistance in taking the initiatives forward.”

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