Press Release: ‘EBTC Investors Circle’ launched to address challenges to EU-India cleantech collaborations



The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) announced the launch of the ‘EBTC Investors Circle’ to address challenges to EU-India cleantech collaborations and help create a financial ecosystem more accessible for EU cleantech companies in India. The platform was launched at the Renewable Energy Global Investors Meet & Expo (RE-Invest) in New Delhi by Mr. Joel Fernandes (Regional Director Mumbai, EBTC).

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With India aiming to become the renewable energy capital of the world and the sector looking to attract an investment of $200 billion (approx. €175 billion) in renewable energy alone. This indicates an increasing demand for cleantech solutions from the EU and across the world. The demand for cleantech solutions extends well beyond renewables - from water and wastewater management, to sustainable transport solutions, the spectrum of opportunities for collaboration are immense. However, the lack of easy access to financial options and solutions has proven to be a stumbling block over the last few years.

Entrepreneurs and technology innovators are so focused on their technology that sometimes they may lack financial acumen and are therefore unable to get funding in spite of great technologies – simply because they don’t know how to, or have access to an appropriate platform to pitch to investors.

The ‘EBTC Investors Circle’ is a platform which connects verified European cleantech organisations to global investors. The pitch document generated through the platform is ‘investor friendly’ and answers all the pre-requisite questions of a global investor.

Mr. Poul V Jensen (Director, EBTC) stated that “competition is tougher than ever, and an online platform helps an investor or entrepreneur to identify the deal they want and get moving quicker than with traditional methods. As with everything online, from social media to cloud workspace, having an investment platform online means global investors and EU cleantech entrepreneurs can always find the structured and specific deal information they need”.

The ‘EBTC Investors Circle’ platform uses state-of-the-art technology to safeguard access, data, users and all other aspects of the platform. It has a solid registration process in place to guarantee that the users and information on the platform are verified and can be trusted. Thus giving the investor and entrepreneur full control over their private information.

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