IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute


Partner-logo-ivlEstablished in 1966, the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is an independent non-profit organisation, owned by a foundation jointly established by the Swedish Government and the confederation of Swedish industries. IVL has been involved in the development of solutions to environmental problems, both at national and international level.

IVL works with applied research and contract assignments for climate friendly and sustainable growth within the business world and society at large. Whilst the Board consists of representatives from the industry and from the authorities, the institute itself comprises of Sweden's largest group of environmental experts. Approximately 220 experts working in close cooperation with leading universities such as the Royal technical university KTH in Stockholm makes IVL a leading institute for applied environmental research, innovation and advisory services.

IVL undertakes both research projects and contract assignments across the entire environmental field. Some activities include climate issues, environmental technology, indoor environment, waste management, working environment, environmental measurements, and environmental quality evaluation.

IVL also performs studies of the environmental effects in air, water, and soil, and the institute has its own accredited laboratories for analysis. All activities are linked to six major theme areas: climate & energy, sustainable buildings, air & transport, sustainable production, resource-efficient products, waste, and water.

IVL is a partner of the Nordic clean tech alliance (NCA) - a Nordic cluster with 800 clean technology companies in their effort to reach markets in the new EU member states The network represents one of Europe’s a biggest clusters of innovative clean technology for environmental solutions.

From January 1st 2008, IVL together with the Royal technical university KTH in Stockholm have taken over the research and experimental plant for waste water treatment in Stockholm. Sjöstadverket is one Europe’s largest facilities for full scale research.

IVL is engaged in capacity building and demonstration projects across various countries.

For more information: www.ivl.se

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