Chamber of Commerce of Milano


Partner-logo-Milan-Chamber-of-CommerceThe Chamber of Commerce of Milano (CCIAA MI) is an independent local public body which counts on more than 280 000 companies and performs tasks of general interest for enterprises fostering their development within local and global economies, with a focus on innovation and new technologies.

The Chamber hosts the Special Agency for Innovation (Innovhub SSI,) which aims to promote managerial, organisational and technological innovation, and competitiveness of the entrepreneurial system. Innovhub SSI is responsible for the implementation of the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) project on behalf of the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber and the Innovhub cooperate in the local promotion of initiatives such as matchmaking events, funding opportunities, conferences, transnational projects, answering queries from SMEs, and reporting on the local demand for services.

Milan Chamber of Commerce is also member of the Enterprise Europe Network, providing information on EU issues, business cooperation, technical assistance services, supporting trans-national technology transfer.

In the last 10 years of activity, Milan Chamber of Commerce's efforts have focussed on innovative and technological issues concerning SMEs.

In particular the Chamber:

  • Since 2004 is partner of Innovation Relay Centre Lombardia (now known as the Enterprise Europe Network - EEN) – supporting Transnational Technology Transfer;
  • hosts APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research) Desk Lombardia, providing technical assistance to companies willing to participate to research programmes funded by the European Network and therefore facilitates dissemination and exploitation of research results;
  • implements different projects to assist companies looking for funding for their innovation investments and to stimulate SMEs capacity to innovate;
  • will utilise its network of contacts and specifically work with Unioncamere Lombardia and with the other regional Chambers and local actors for the implementation of the planned activities.

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