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Partner-logo-Hungarian-Chamber-of-Commerce-and-IndustryIn Hungary since the promulgation of the Chamber Act in 1994, the chambers of economy have been bodies of public law. By virtue of the Chamber Act of 1999 membership is now voluntary – at the same time only voluntary chamber members may fill posts or receive certain services within the chambers.

It is the mission of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI) to foster the development and organization of the economy, the safety of business transactions and fair market practices, the manifesting of the general and joint interest of those carrying out business activities with regard to European laws and regulations, as well as to prepare the business community as fully as possible for new challenges.

Chambers, in cooperation with the nation-wide trade promotion organisations, tackle their tasks identified in the Act and the enforcement decree on vocational training; and conduct master training and master examinations.

The Chamber is managing the national register of companies in the field of trade and industry, and also a specific register of construction companies. The Chamber initiated a micro credit card facility, and runs as a co-owner the company for the Széchenyi Credit Card which was developed along with the Government and the commercial banks.

The philosophy of the HCCI is to promote the interests of entrepreneurs and of the general economy in a manner that is politically neutral but based on an efficient dialogue with the political actors. The HCCI established professional committees embracing the most important areas of economic life, 4 bilateral chambers in the neighbouring countries, and 12 bi- and multilateral committees to support internationalization of Hungarian companies.

A common objective is to strengthen small and medium enterprises, while increasing their competitiveness and creating proper co-operation between small businesses and the multinational companies. The HCCI’s tasks comprise organizing the economy, developing trade, and contributing to the establishment of a qualified workforce, i.e. any activity that enhances the general conditions and possibilities of undertakings and other economic actors. The HCCI with its 23 regional chamber has a countrywide organization. Today the number of registered companies is more than 500,000 businesses and Chambers have tens of thousands of voluntary Chamber members. This grants legitimacy for the Chamber to be the largest independent entrepreneurial organization in Hungary.

The HCCI, being a member of EUROCHAMBRES, takes part also in the promotion and development of common European economic initiatives. The management of EU projects, and participation in the promotion of services provided on EU level for Hungarian SMEs, contributes to the enhancement of competitiveness and internationalization of companies. Hungarian enterprises will be more successful in accessing the Indian market through the services provided by EBTC.

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