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Partner-logo-Fraunhofer-MOEZThe Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is Europe’s leading organization for applied research. IMW (Centre for International Management and Knowledge Economy) is Fraunhofer’s unit focusing on issues of value creation, competitiveness, and sustainable development in an increasingly internationalized knowledge economy. Together with its clients in the private sector – especially SMEs – as well as in public institutions, Fraunhofer IMW develops innovation and internationalization strategies, knowledge and technology transfer systems, as well as policy instruments for a positioning of companies, countries, and regions in an internationally competitive environment.

The institute seeks to bridge gaps between business, science, and policy-making, employing an interdisciplinary approach for the improvement of complex multiple-stakeholder systems, and addressing five business fields: “Global Knowledge Economy and Innovation Policy”, “International Technology Markets and Intellectual Property”, “Management of Internationalization”, “Key Factors for Entrepreneurial Success” as well as “Energy Economics and Sustainability Management”.

In a nutshell, Fraunhofer IMW supports companies in entering new markets; for instance, by facilitating the adaptation of technologies to market-specific requirements and by developing strategies for the management of a company’s Intellectual Property. In the public sphere, the configuration of internationally embedded, national and regional innovation systems constitutes a particular focus of IMW’s research.

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