European Hydrogen Association


Partner-logo-European-Hydrogen-AssociationIn 2000, five national hydrogen organisations established the European Hydrogen Association (EHA) and started a close collaboration to promote the use of hydrogen as an energy vector in Europe. In 2004, major European industries active in the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies joined the EHA and enforced this effort to create a commercial market for stationary and transport applications and a role as market leader for the European hydrogen and fuel cell sector.

The EHA currently represents 21 national hydrogen and fuel cell organisations and the main European companies active in the hydrogen infrastructure development. Its unique membership structure has enabled the EHA to have up-close insight in local developments and to communicate important issues regarding industrial and regulatory needs to key decision makers at EU level. Since 2008 the EHA is hosting the European Association for Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electro-mobility in European Regions, HyER (formerly HyRaMP) representing over 35 regions active in clean electric power and vehicles deployment.

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