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Partner-logo-Coventry-UniversityCoventry University Enterprises (CUE Ltd) is a subsidiary of Coventry University through which the University runs much of its commercial, income-generating and business-partnership work. Operating in a regional, national, European TechnoCentre, Coventry University and international context, CUE supports the corporate aims and seeks to maximise the commercial potential of the University's skills, expertise and resources.

CUE focuses on innovation, design, high performance automotive engineering, health, environment and ICT as areas of expertise. Through this activity it has to date supported thousands of SMEs through specific projects and support programmes. More than 200 SMEs have been established with the support of CUE and many more have benefited from one-to-one involvement. In addition the company's project activity has been able to demonstrate hundreds of new jobs established and thousands of existing jobs safeguarded.

Coventry University is known from their environmental and energy involvement. In addition, Coventry University is hugely involved in the low carbon vehicles, as well as low carbon transportation. The university has now outlined its own contribution to tackling global issues in a new strategy.

The plan reveals the University's commitment to applied research that focuses on six key global issues – the Grand Challenge Initiatives. These are areas where applied research is needed and where the University's expertise can have a significant impact. There are also two further strands that run throughout the six key areas: Integrated Transport and Logistics, Digital Media, Ageing Community, Low Impact Buildings, Sustainable Agriculture and Food, Low Carbon Vehicles.

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