Partner-logo-ACC1OWith the aim of driving innovation, internationalisation and attracting inward investment, ACC1Ó is an agency set up by the Catalan Government to make Catalan enterprises more competitive globally. ACC1Ó is based in Barcelona with an international network of a further 35 Business Promotion Centres covering some 70 markets worldwide. It provides advice and practical help for businesses with a vocation to expand worldwide, and focuses on attracting inward investment into Catalonia as well as synergies between R&D areas and business.

ACC1Ó is a proactive agency, with a simple, clear and efficient modus operandi, above all dedicated to working in close quarters with enterprise. ACC1Ó is working on the needs of each individual business to look for opportunities and achieve that all important competitive edge.

ACC1Ó believes that this edge can come about from working on three vital areas of competitive dynamics:

  • Innovation
  • Internationalisation
  • Attraction of investment

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