Europe-India IP Facilitation Forum

As part of its mandate to foster Indo-European technology collaborations, EBTC constituted the Europe-India Intellectual Property (IP) Facilitation Forum to promote and build capacity on IPR in India, which in turn is beneficial for enterprises to realize the potential of their intellectual assets through monetization. Together with its network of national experts, leading IPR Law Firms and other partners, EBTC works to co-create a body of knowledge underpinning our positioning in the ecosystem of Europe-India collaborations thereby aiding small businesses and startups to make informed decisions and develop successful partnerships. 


Fast-paced technology development, globalisation, as well as high demand for innovative products require organisations to create new strategies for their products and services which take into the account the significant role of intellectual property rights (IPR). Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups in particular face a greater risk of losing on investments made in technology innovation due to a dynamically changing technological landscape and an evolving regulatory framework. Government of India has recently been taking a series of progressive measures to boost the innovation ecosystem in the country. As a result, India has managed to make tremendous progress in improving its ranking in international initiatives ranking countries on ease of doing business, innovation and IPR. Nevertheless, as one of the fastest growing major economies in the world, India has lot of catching up to do with the leading economies to improve market access.  It still lags behind the rest of world in several aspects such as converging with international standards, having a robust enforcement mechanism, burdening provisions for IP owners eg. biodiversity requirements, working and foreign filing statements under patents, to name but a few. Though, despite such shortcomings it cannot be denied that India has a lot of promise and provides an excellent opportunity for enterprises world over to do business with and tap into a huge market. 

In order to cater to the demands of European business enterprises and help them navigate the business challenges present in the Indian market, EBTC constituted the Europe-India Intellectual Property (IP) Facilitation Forum. As part of its mandate to facilitate Indo-European technological collaborations, EBTC formed this forum to build a body of knowledge which could provide resources for the benefit of European companies looking to do business in India as well as help any Indian enterprises wanting to expand into the European single market. While not providing legal advice, EBTC together with its network of empaneled experts, leading IPR Law Firms and other partners works diligently to offer practical, objective and factual information to SMEs on IPR in India. EBTC also facilitates advisory services based on demand in association with empaneled partners. Leveraging from the unique positioning and long presence in the ecosystem of Europe-India collaborations, EBTC aids business enterprises develop successful partnerships in multiple technology sectors.  

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