EBTC and IVL Sweden explore Leh and Kargil to understand the issue of Solid Waste Management in the region


Solid Waste Management is an area that is causing concern across much of India. Sorting solid waste, identifying and transporting it to appropriate dumping grounds and processing the solid waste bearing in mind the growing population, are just some of the challenges faced by authorities. 

Recently, EBTC along with its partner IVL Sweden organised a cleantech mission in the month of October 2014 in the towns of Leh and Kargil. The team of four - included two experts from Sweden - Mr. Rony Arnberg and Mr. Jan-Olove Sundqvist, and Mr. Monish Verma and Mr. Suman Lahiri from EBTC.

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 IVL Sweden to develop a three part report on issues and recommendations for managing solid waste

ebtc-news 141212 PHO cleantech-expert-mission-to-leh-and-kargil 2On 6th and 7th October 2014, the team met authorities from the town of Kargil and had a tour of the dumping site where they witnessed the loading and unloading of solid waste management. On 8th and 9th October, meetings were held with authorities and senior executives in the town of Leh where dumping sites and the process of collection and dumping of the wastes were observed.

Based on the facts and figures, the experts from IVL Sweden will develop a three part report on issues and recommendations for managing solid waste in Leh and Kargil in terms of modern practices. This report will provide key insights into the solid waste management system prevailing in Sweden. It shall also suggest suitable process interventions for the same. This insight into solid waste management would be particularly useful since the temperature falls below zero degrees in the Leh and Kargil area during winter, which is similar to that of Swedish towns.

According to Swedish experts, behavioural change is crucial to address solid waste management. For instance, public awareness raising with respect to seggregating solid waste and putting it into pre-identified bins for further processing. Addressing this challenge calls for the participation of multiple stakeholders that includes municipalities, technology suppliers, non-profit organisations, gsovernment authorities, etc.

Mr. Poul V. Jensen (Director, EBTC) is of the opinion that knowledge from the mission can be replicated across the towns of the other Himalayan region. And similar cleantech missions can also be organised for towns in the north-eastern parts of India. 

Contact: Mr. Suman Lahiri (Regional Director, EBTC) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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