Top Belgian solar PV company enters India - Ikaros Solar (Belgium)


Ikaros Solar is a top Belgian company active in the photovoltaic market. In 2012 they ranked number 2 for Belgian companies in the sector, based on revenue worldwide, and number 1 based on revenue generated from Belgium. During the EBTC Conference on Renewable Energy, Ikaros Solar entered India in September 2012.

They signed an MoU with Intelux Electronics Pvt Ltd in India, to offer PV solutions to the Indian market. The two companies will jointly offer photovoltaic energy that is emerging as a clean and affordable alternative to expensive diesel usage in electricity generation by industries.

Intelux Electronics Pvt Ltd has grown as fully integrated company in the field of power electronic solutions. Intelux offers in-house R & D and Manufacturing offers products, services and solutions through several business segments such as Lighting, Telecom, Power & Others, to provide energy savings and high quality solutions to meet the needs of industrial, commercial and institutional market.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Intellux, and are looking forward towards creating a robust business in India by offering technology to generate clean power. Our photovoltaic energy is produced through solar modules and can be connected directly to the grid or off-grid systems.”
- Mr. Yves Devis (CEO, Ikaros Solar)


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