4th EU-India STI Cooperation Days: Twinning of the Research, Innovation and Business communities in affordable health


The EU-India Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation Days 2013 held in Paris from 10th-11th October 2013, focused on strengthening EU-India STI collaboration in the field of health, by promoting existing collaborations; programs and policies, facilitating linkages between existing projects and triggering new exciting collaborations.


Europe and India are increasingly facing common public health issues, such as diseases prevention in a globalised world; easy and affordable access to healthcare, especially for the underprivileged and the marginalized; and longer-life expectancy. Health has been identified as a thematic of priority interest for scientific collaboration between Europe and India. This conference was a platform to learn about funding opportunities in the upcoming context of Horizon 2020 and reflect on the future of collaboration between both regions.

For this fourth edition, the European Commission; New INDIGO and EBTC decided to combine their forces to deliver an ambitious agenda where more than 150 attendees had a chance to participate in the following sessions:

  • Policy debate on EU-India STI priorities: In the context of the new EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme “Horizon 2020”, policy-makers were invited to reflect on the future of EU/MS-INDIA collaboration in research and innovation. This session was also occasion to present the EU/MS-India Shared Strategic and Innovation Agenda and engage researchers and policy-makers in a fruitful dialogue.
  • A Scientific Conference: Researchers, funded through multilateral schemes (New INDIGO, FP7) and bilateral schemes had a chance to present their project results, to promote the added value of their collaborative research and to network with their peers. In addition dedicated brokerage services including pre-arranged face-to-face meetings was arranged to maximise opportunities for future Indo-European collaboration.
  • A Poster session: young researchers are key when it comes to create new partnerships and foster STI collaboration. Therefore 10 young scientists, selected through an open competition and after evaluation, will present their posters during the conference.
  • Support initiatives and projects: Current and new programmes and initiatives will be presented ranging from EU Member State funding opportunities to European Commission international cooperation support projects.
  • Networking Café: This session will offer scientists and industries with the opportunity to meet new partners and engage in new collaborations. Participants will avail of a dedicated brokerage services. They will be able to promote themselves in the conference website and identify partners and interlocutors of potential interest. Face-to-face meetings will be pre-arranged and facilitated by the organizers.

Technology facilitation and support event – A parallel event organised by EBTC.

There are vast opportunities to commercialise very nascent or indigenous technologies in the new markets. EBTC’s pragmatic session facilitated the exchange of technologies either by enabling technological collaboration, technology transfer and research collaboration between the EU and India stakeholders in the health sector. There were representation from companies in India and the European region to showcase their technologies that would be beneficial for the health sector. EBTC’s technology facilitator and IPR Helpdesk for doing businesses in the EU and India were present and EBTC also shared virtual ready- to-go Indian business/research biopharma opportunities plus interacted with EU companies/firms to understand their business needs in India.


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