UK based Shower Power Booster explores the Indian market with EBTC


Showerpowerbooster Limited (SPB) is an SME based in the United Kingdom that has developed a unique shower booster pump for taps and showers that is extremely efficient and also able to perform at low water pressure conditions, which prevails across most of India. In this context, EBTC supported SPB’s efforts to understand the complex Indian market, focusing in the north (National Capital Region) and west (Gujarat and Maharashtra) of India through a customised approach to market entry.

“A shower pump the size of a golf ball which does the same job as pumps the size of a football at a fraction of the cost, and will solve your low pressure and flow problem for taps and showers.”Shower Power Booster

Before Mr. Alan Wright (CEO of SPB) arrived in India (accompanied by Susan Wright), EBTC Delhi and Mumbai had extensive discussions on the particularities of the respective regions, and the possible different strategies to employ.

EBTC employed a multidimensional approach by undertaking a market niche analysis for the product to determine the best possible product positioning and potential business options. It further compiled a partner identification matrix which clearly differentiated the potential partners into three typologies:

  1. Local manufacturers (Ideal partners; for localisation of components and bundling).
  2. Traders and distributors (for direct selling).
  3. Modern real estate developers (To tap the green building movement in India).

The market exploration trip was held from 18th to 30th March 2014 with the first week in northern India and the second devoted to western India. In addition to personally supporting Alan and Susan in each of the meetings, EBTC also strongly supported Alan’s desire to sample the issues that his Indian customers face by interweaving field visits to residential houses as well as manufacturers establishments to get a more nuanced understanding of the opportunity (and the impediments therein).

The trip was successful on many fronts. Alan and Susan were happy with the “excellent support” they received from EBTC during the trip, which enabled them to understand the intricacies of the market and also discover impediments to the product succeeding in the Indian markets. For instance, the normal EU approach to fitting SPB’s pump is on the hot water line, however in India the design implications of hot water heaters (geysers) prevents these from being effective and also makes them vulnerable to calcification.

The success of SPB’s market exploration trip valorised EBTC’s multidimensional approach to support EU SMEs in understanding the depths through a personalised exploration of the Indian market. Based on the EBTC’s Market Exploration Trip, SPB is interested in adapting its unique product (pump) for the Indian market by improving the price and the performance of the flow rotor, and even developing a plastic assembly for the cost conscious Indian consumers. This conclusion directly leads to the next stage in EBTC’s services matrix namely ‘Technology Localisation Management’ (TLM), which is available for organisations such as SPB to utilise if they so desire.

“Thank you again for the excellent support during our time in India...we cannot enter the mass Indian market until such time as we have the improved price and performance flow rotor, plus we will also be developing the plastic assembly for lower paid Indian consumers...the product is becoming ever more popular in the UK and I am sure it will be just as well acclaimed in India once we have modified the product for that market.”

- Mr. Alan Wright (Shower Power Booster)

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