EBTC facilitates collaborations in applied research between HNU, ID-EEE (Germany) and 3 Indian organisations


EBTC’s partner, the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), introduced Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Neu-Ulm (Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences) (HNU) and the Institute for Decentralized Electrification, Entrepreneurship and Education Gmbh & Co.(ID-EEE) to EBTC for undertaking work on Standard Risk Mitigation Procedures (SRMP) in India under EBTC’s workplan activities for 2015.  Professor Dr.  Bernard Wagemann, Professor Dr. Elmar Steurer and Mr. David  Manetsgruber from JNU and ID-EEE were in Kolkata from 13th - 16th January 2015 where EBTC organised interactions with stakeholders which led to 5 agreements being signed.

Energy Laboratory of IISWBM

Energy Laboratory of IISWBM

Standard Risk Mitigation Procedure

SRMP is designed to rate project profiles of micro-grid projects. It has been developed in Africa and will be empirically validated in India. SRMP will be useful for private investors, operators of micro-grids and other stakeholders involved in rural electrification through micro-grids. HNU and ID-EEE recently visited Kolkata from 13th-16th January 2015 to meet, discuss and develop collaborations with stakeholders. These meetings and interactions were facilitated by EBTC.

About HNU and ID-EEE

HNU was founded in 1994 as a branch of Kempten University of Applied Sciences and is one of the youngest universities for applied sciences in Bavaria, and one of the strongest in terms of growth. It has been independent since October 1998 and is establishing itself as a solid education partner for enterprises and other educational partners in its direct environment and beyond the region.

ID-EEE is a private institute for applied research and project management in Germany and is associated with the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm. It encourages cooperation with public and private institutions, companies, universities and NGOs, following a multi stakeholder approach.

Interacting with stakeholders in West Bengal

Amongst others, HNU and ID-EEE met the West Bengal Renewable Development Agency (WBREDA); DFIC Management Consultants Pvt Ltd; the Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management(IISWBM); Mlinda foundation; CUTS international; Sulekha Works Ltd. and Onergy. Interesting interactions took place in different aspect of micro grids.

They participated in a technical session on decision sciences in an international conference organised by IISWBM, and also in a Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Net Metering Based Solar Photo Voltaic Systems in West Bengal organised by the CUTS International in partnership with WBREDA and with support from West Bengal Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (WBSEDCL) and CESC Ltd.

EBTC facilitates the signing of multiple Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) and Letters of Intent (LoI) between HNU and ID-EEE with Indian organisations.
  • HNU signed an LOI with IISWBM on 13th January 2015 to collaborate in an area of research decided mutually in the future.
    IISWBM is the first management institute in India established in the year of 1953. In the near future, both organisations are planning to initiate a field study to validate the SRMP prepared by HNU to understand the risk profile of micro-grid projects in the Sunderbans within the next few months. The SRMP can be extended to other fields of study.

    successstories 150122 PHO CCU hnu-mou-iiswbm
    L-R: Professor Dr Elmar Steurer, HNU; Professor Dr B.K. Chowdhury, Professor, Energy Management, IISWBM; Professor Dr. Bernard Wagemann, Id-eee at IISWBM signing the Letter of Intent.

    The LOI also intends to facilitate teacher as well as student exchange programmes between the two organisations. Moreover, a proposal will be developed for forming an international centre for rural development excellence in IISWBM considering the need of poverty alleviation in this part of the subcontinent which houses some of the poorest population of the world.

     An interaction with faculty and research scholars of IISWBM
    An interaction with the faculty and research scholars of IISWBM.

  • HNU and ID-EEE signed 2 MoUs with CUTS International on 15th January 2015 to work on research collaboration in the areas of resource efficiency, sustainability, and rural electrification, and renewable energy impacting social, economical and environmental bottom line for rural development.
    CUTS international is a civil society organisation head quartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan and has strengths in research, policy advocacy and networking. It has been suggested that a study on best practices of rooftop based Solar PV energy generation technologies in EU shall be commissioned by a consortium comprised of EBTC/HNU/ID-EEE for West Bengal stakeholders and shall be disseminated by CUTS International and IISWBM.

    L-R: Professor Dr Elmar Steurer, HNU; Professor Dr. Bernard Wagemann, ID-EEE and  Mr P Nath, CUTS International signing the MoUs at the Kolkata office of CUTS International
    L-R: Professor Dr Elmar Steurer, HNU; Professor Dr. Bernard Wagemann, ID-EEE and  Mr P Nath, CUTS International signing the MoUs at the Kolkata office of CUTS International.

  • HNU and ID-EEE signed 2 MoUs with Sulekha Works Ltd. on 15th January 2015 to work in the area of resource efficiency and sustainability as well as rural electrification for human development respectively.
    Sulekha Works Ltd. is active as a system integrator in the field of installation of Solar PV Sets and is one of the oldest SMEs of India since 1934. Its entrepreneurial leadership as well as innovative capability are some of the major factors for its business continuity. Sulekha intends to develop micro grid projects in the north-eastern and eastern regions of India with a business model based on maintenance fees. The German organisations wants to test the SRMP to validate the procedure and carry out further applied research surrounding the pilots.

    L-R: Professor Dr Elmar Steurer, HNU; Professor Dr. Bernard Wagemann, Id-eee and  Mr Kaushik Maitra, Managing Director,  Sulekha Works Limited signing the MoU at Sulekha’s headquarters.
    L-R: Professor Dr Elmar Steurer, HNU; Professor Dr. Bernard Wagemann, Id-eee and  Mr Kaushik Maitra, Managing Director,  Sulekha Works Limited signing the MoU at Sulekha’s headquarters.
A significant research collaboration between EU universities and Indian academic institutions

EBTC’s mandate is to support the EU researchers to enter and work in India, and become a trusted platform for internationalisation of European research activities. This visit was important for the EBTC Kolkata office as it was the first research collaboration between an EU University and Indian academic institution in the region. Moreover, multiple linkages were created successfully for the two German organisations.

This success supports the increasing importance of EBTC’s presence and work in the Indian subcontinent for joint research activity between EU and India. EBTC is not only connecting the EU and Indian researchers but is also acting as a conduit of knowledge transfer.

Contact: Suman Lahiri, Regional Director, EBTC Kolkata; email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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