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EBTC Assets Sale



EUROCHAMBRES Liaison office equipment and other assets on sale

The EUROCHAMBRES Liaison office in India had purchased different items in the framework of the EBTC project co-funded by the European Commission.

Such items include, among others:

-          -       Laptops,
-       External Hard Disks,
-       Routers,
-       Desktops,
-       Software(s),
-       Flag Stands,
-       Chairs,
-       Tables,
-       Phones,
-       Printers,
-       Projectors,
-       Hot Beverage Vending Machine,
-       AC,
-       Refrigerator
-       etc.

The full list of the equipment along with its current book value is available in the detailed excel file.

In case you are interested in buying any of those items, please come back to us at the following email address lanzilo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explicitly mentioning the economic offer and the item to which your offer refers.


In case additional information is needed, contact can be made during working hours with:

·         Sara LANZILOTTA

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+32 22 820 859

·         Poul V. JENSEN

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+91 11 3352 1501


In case the offered price is considered too low by the seller or in case the seller receives multiple offers for the same item, the buyer/s will be contacted and a negotiation will be carried out.

Please be aware that all items have been bought with the contribution of the European Union and that offers indicating a price that is too low could be refused by the seller. 

Preference will be given to offers to buy all items in a single bulk lot. 


The final deadline to submit buying offers is Thursday 6 October 2016 - Midday.

EBTC signs MOU with Agoria to bring Belgian Smart City Solutions to India.


Exploring business opportunities in India, a delegation of 55 companies and 85 participants from the private sector of the Flanders region of Belgium, visited the cities of Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru along with h the Minister - President of the Government of Flanders Mr. Geert Bourgeois.

In its efforts to bring European Smart City solutions to India’s Smart Cities, the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC), signed an MOU with Agoria which is the largest sectoral federation in Belgium. The federation supports its members, which are active in 10 areas (Information and Communication Technology, Building Technology, Contracting, Materials Technology, Subcontracting, Production Technology & Mechatronics, Transport Systems & Solutions, Energy Systems & Solutions, Environment Systems & Solutions and Aeronautics, Space, Security, Defence Technology), through business development initiatives centred on markets, products and technologies, both nationally and internationally. 


(L-R): Joel Fernandes, Senior Advisor – West, EBTC, Mr. Geert Bourgeois, Minister-President, Government of Flanders and Ms. Ingrid Reynaert, Business Group Leader, Smart Cities, Agoria Belgium). 

Since 2011, Agoria has built a Belgian smart cities community with stakeholders from the government, local municipalities, city administration, industry, knowledge centres and financial institutions. The “Agoria smart cities project” focuses on 4 key domains: smart mobility, smart digital communication & infrastructure, smart building & living, and smart energy.   

The “EBTC EU-India Smart Cities Knowledge and Innovation Programme” focuses on the integration European solutions into one platform, which is positioned and presented to the Indian stakeholders at the conceptual and operational stages of the Indian Smart Cities projects. The program creates a Body of Knowledge (BOK) with resources from technologies and innovative solutions from European companies, frame works, best practices, case studies and standards from European Governments and Municipalities that will be shared with all relevant Indian Smart Cities stakeholders. This MOU will engage Flemish companies in India’s smart cities projects by presenting their smart city solutions to the relevant Indian stakeholders.  


“By visiting India, we further tighten the bonds with a trade partner who is gaining importance and offers many opportunities in a variety of sectors. Flemish exports to India amount to no less than €7.6 billion. With this mission, we seek to consolidate our diamond exports to India and promote other export sectors such as clean tech, food, infrastructure and high tech. In India, our Flemish innovative and knowledge-driven economy is held in high regard. Also, we hope to encourage Indian companies to increase investments in Flanders,” Bourgeois said. 

India is the seventh biggest destination for Flemish exports, and 97% of Belgian exports to India originate from Flanders. About 80% of the exports comprises of diamonds, followed by chemicals & pharma and machines & electrical equipment, which command about 4% each. 

“India and Flanders share a holistic view on innovation, wherein investing in technology is not enough, but people of the country should want to, and be able to, use it. This is an endeavour to leverage the existing ties between India and Flanders to further boost production technologies and client-bases for companies from either countries,” said Pascal Cools, General Manger, Flanders District of Creativity.  

The European Business and Technology Centre was incorporated in India in 2010. EBTC has played a vital role in creating viable ecosystems for EU-India cleantech collaboration. EBTC has a pan-India presence and focuses on the 4 key sectors of ICT, energy, environment and transport. Aligning EBTC’s actions with large scale national initiatives of India, such as Clean Ganga, 100 Smart Cities, Make in India, and more, has become paramount for ensuring such collaborations.

EEN Launch Conference 2015: Strengthening EEN India relations with network partners across the world


The Enterprise Europe Network Launch Conference is the Networks’ main event, and this year, the conference was held in Brussels from 8th -10th June 2015. The event was attended by 800 participants from 56 countries including 650 Network partners, as well as representatives from European Institutions and key external stakeholders.

EBTC is the lead coordinator of the India chapter of Enterprise Europe Network India (EEN India), alongside partners - the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO), the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) / Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA) and Steinbeis India.

This was a very important opportunity to increase EEN India’s visibility in Europe, develop, and strengthen relations with other network partners. EEN India was represented by EBTC’s Head of Operation, Mr. Joerg Uehlin, and Business Development Executives - Mr. Som Sekhar Ganguly and Mr. Tamil Selvan Chandru where they engaged in workshops and many B2Bs’.  

The plenary session on  8th June, 2015 was addressed by Ms. Zaiga Liepina (Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Economics of Latvia), Mr. Jyrki Katainen (Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, European Commission), and Ms. Kristin Schreiber (Director, DG for Internal Market, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission). 

A keynote speech was given by Mr. Nicolas Brusson (COO and Co-Founder, BlaBlaCar) where the importance of one large single European market and the benefits thereof were clearly visible. He shared insights on his pan-European approach straight from the inception of the business and illustrated how this enabled him to create an entity that had greater reach and was more capable of competing with more dominant tech players from places such as Silicon Valley in the US. The company started small, and later created the BlaBlaCar entity by merging it with other national European players to create a stronger, pan-European entity.

An important take away is the contextual link to EBTC where the same principle ‘model’ is being followed. Bringing different European players together under one umbrella for a larger impact and higher probability of success is not only useful in Europe, but most certainly also in emerging and growing markets such as India. As an example, EBTC is building a consortia for water treatment, solid waste management, river basin management and sustainable construction projects that will be able to tap opportunities as a European consortium, providing a broader and better solution to India’s requirements.

The conference stressed the importance of the EEN Partners outside of Europe such as EEN India. These are gaining more importance for European SMEs given their quest to internationalise and expand outside the European market. EEN is therefore also putting more focus towards these partners to increase the Networks presence internationally.

On 9th June, 2015, EEN India participated in a workshop – ‘SME Globetrotters: the hitchhikers guide to EU internationalisation services’ which was an opportunity to learn from over 200 participants, and of course share our insights and case studies, and illustrated hot opportunities in India such as those which came out of the recent Smart Cities India 2015 Expo held in May 2015.. 

Matchmaking sessions with EU EEN network partners were held throughout the course of the conference. Project opportunities from India were shared in these B2B’s, and it was encouraging to see that they were well received by network partners and numerous expressions of interest were made. Partners were particularly interested in the fields of renewables, waste water and ICT. EEN India will be following-up with partners that have expressed an interest in opportunities in India.


The feedback from the workshops, as well as from the many B2Bs was overwhelming, and reaffirms the need for EEN India to link and work very closely with European EEN partners (which includes many European chambers), and act as the bridge for European SMEs to explore, adapt and grow in India!

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