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EBTC and IVL Sweden explore Leh and Kargil to understand the issue of Solid Waste Management in the region


Solid Waste Management is an area that is causing concern across much of India. From sorting solid waste, illness to indentifying and transporting it to appropriate dumping grounds and processing the solid waste bearing in mind the growing population, medications are just some of the challenges faced by authorities. 

Recently, EBTC along with its partner IVL Sweden organised a cleantech mission in the month of October 2014 in the towns of Leh and Kargil. The team of four - included two experts from Sweden - Mr. Rony Arnberg and Mr. Jan-Olove Sundqvist, and Mr. Monish Verma and Mr. Suman Lahiri from EBTC.

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EBTC & Indigo Policy


Indigo Policy is a three year FP7 project with India that builds on the Science & Technology (S&T) Agreement signed in 2001. Indigo Policy reinforces a long standing cooperation that started in the mid 1980’s between the EU and India. The main aim of the project is to support and coordinate bilateral activities and initiatives between Europe and India in order to build mutual areas of interest between the two regions in the Scientific, thumb Technological and Innovation (STI) fields.

Under this platform, ailment EBTC, illness in cooperation with the Agency for Promotion of European Research (APRE) and Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) India, will identify best practices and develop a common S&T innovation framework.


A report on 'Science and Technology Research Players in India'


India has been ranked as the world’s sixth most innovative country according to GE's Annual Global Innovation Barometer. The country is seen as a favourable R&D destination by multinationals and their numbers are increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14%. In a study by the European Commission published on the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) website, the largest overall increase in R&D investment was reported by companies based in India with 35.1 %. 

‘Science and Technology Research Players in India’ is a rich compilation of key Indian research institutes and universities across eight sectors. The report maps and provides detailed profiles for 125 research organisations in 8 different sectors.

A detailed profiling including information on research focus areas, infrastructural facilities,
human and financial capitals, research activities, and international collaborations and
networking, running up to two pages for each institution, has been developed for 125 top
institutions under each of the 8 S&T sectors classified under this report.

The report has been prepared by teams from the Interactive Technology, Software and Media Association (ITSMA), the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (IFF) and the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC).

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