A fast track communication catalyst: Feedback from Prof. Dr. Bernard Wagemann (Director, id-eee)


Prof. Dr. Bernard Wagemann (Director, id-eee) recently wrote to us about his appreciation for our efforts and services that created connections and successful collaborations.

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"We highly appreciated EBTC’s very effective support to bring us into close and fruitful contact with a series of business partners and other important stakeholders, that too within such a limited time.

We were very impressed by the effective networking capabilities proved by this kind of very flexible and highly effective support centre. The centre is a symbiosis of European effectiveness and reliability as well as Indian capabilities comprised of impressing informal networking and spontaneous intelligence to solve unexpected problems.

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The centre appears to be a kind of ‘fast-track communication catalyst’ bringing European and Indian companies and institutions in close and effective contact within a very short time. We were excited about the centre’s capability to arrange high-level meetings with important representatives of companies and stakeholders on short notice. They even achieved to bring us into the panels of two international conferences from one day to another.

Besides their organisational capabilities, EBTC convinced us of their insight into market structures and by proposing or selecting best fitting meeting and conference partners. Of crucial importance for business men is the insight of EBTC into issues which are of special importance for the Indian market. Based on this, their managers do not only deliver suggestions for appropriate partners, but also for project ideas with completely new dimensions delivering fruitful options for further activities."

Contact: Suman Lahiri, Regional Director, EBTC Kolkata; email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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