Incubating at EBTC: A personal experience from Mr. Van Der Vaart (CEO, Asia Electric)


Hi! I am Wybren Van Der Vaart (CEO – Asia Electric) and I'm currently incubating at the EBTC office in Mumbai. I would like to share with you my personal experience of incubating at EBTC.

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As a newbie to Mumbai having lived in Delhi for a few months, I was desperately in search of an office space to start my own company. After meeting several real estate agents with nothing meeting my criteria, I fell upon a mailer from EBTC that I found at the Dutch Consulate in Mumbai. The idea of ‘Plug and Play’ for European companies caught my attention.

Upon visiting the office I realised that the team is very dynamic and has all the elements a European would ask for in an office in India. Right from the design, to the coffee machine to the lighting, to the ergonomic chairs there is a European element to it all. It felt like I was transported back home to the Netherlands which reaffirmed my interest in incubating at the EBTC office in Mumbai.

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(L-R) Wybren Van Der Vaart in conversation with Sonal Parekh and Jatin Panchal from Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

EBTC offers not just office space but the whole experience of incubation. In my first month itself, I was advised on the electric vehicle industry in India by Dibyendu Sengupta (Transport Sector Specialist, EBTC) who also helped me in introducing me to my current partner in India. Thanks to his advice and help, I am now in talks with a leading auto company in Mumbai.

Arvind Chopra (Head – IPR, EBTC) also advised me on intellectual property rights in India, which was indeed very helpful. Poul Jensen (Director, EBTC) who leads the team is always there to support me as an entrepreneur. Having lived in India for over 10 years, he is able to share with me his many interesting experiences. 
When starting my company in India, I made several trips to Delhi to meet with key government leaders. With the ‘flex-desk’ service by EBTC, I am allowed to use the offices and services of any of the EBTC offices in India. So when I travel to Delhi, I can hold meetings at the EBTC office in Delhi and also have a cabin to myself at no extra charge. This adds so much value to the incubation experience and saves me from booking hotel business centres which are ridiculously expensive.

I am also invited by EBTC to attend events and exhibitions they support. I recently attended INTELECT 2015 – an event in Mumbai focused on smart electricity where I was allowed to share with participant’s details of my company at the EBTC stand.

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(L-R) Rahul Walawalkar, Executive Director – India Energy Storage Alliance in conversation with Wybren van de Vaart, CEO – Asia Electric and Joel Fernandes, Regional Director, EBTC Mumbai

Joel Fernandes (Regional Director, EBTC Mumbai) who manages the office acts as a good sounding board who I can bounce of my thoughts and ideas with. He ensures that I am meeting the right people and doing things the right way. Vrunda Chandorkar (Senior Executive, EBTC Mumbai) also helps me with all the administration work when needed.

As entrepreneurs in India we end up spending so much of our time at the office. It is so important to have the right environment at work. EBTC’s incubation services fits perfectly in bringing the European office experience in India.

Contact: Joel Fernandes, Regional Director, EBTC Mumbai; email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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