Why India?


Climate change remains to be one of the world's greatest challenges, and collaborating to research, developing and bringing-to-market, clean solutions for sustainable development is a joint priority for both the EU member states and India.

In this context, the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) opened its offices in India, creating a platform to bring together EU and Indian businesses (primarily SME’s) and researchers with a cleantech agenda.

India is a land of opportunities for European clean-technology organisations and researchers. Since the liberalisation of its market in 1991 towards an open-market economy, the country has consistently grown and offers a lot of scope for the expansion of European technologies into new markets.

India has a total population of 1.24 billion making it the second biggest country- and the largest democracy in the world. With a growing young population, India has a large demographic dividend to be reaped.

The size of the country, scale of the population, and diverse culture pose numerous challenges and opportunities. To find out more about the opportunities visit the sector section of this website, or explore deeper by visiting the knowledge centre.

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