Polish Chamber of Commerce


Partner-logo-Polish-Chamber-of-CommerceThe Polish Chamber of Commerce is the main economic self-governing organization in the Republic of Poland.

The Polish Chamber of Commerce is composed of over 150 chambers and economic associations. The representation of the interest of Polish enterprises vis a vis the state authorities, foreign organizations and entities is the main objective of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

The other principal objective is the promotion of the Polish economy abroad. The Chamber acts as an economic lobby which manages legislative, economic and financial activity in order to create the optimum conditions for the enterprises operating in Poland.

The basic goal of the Chamber is to facilitate the incorporation of the Polish economy and Polish companies into the mainstream of international cooperation.

The Foreign Relations Department of the Polish Chamber of Commerce specialises in:

  • Promotion of Polish foreign trade all over the world.
  • Hosting of foreign trade missions visiting Poland.
  • Organization of busienss meetings, seminars, visits to Polish companies, meetings with the relevant officials, agencies, consultants, etc.
  • Helpful and practical information related to the promotion of goods and services.

They organize:

  • Field economic missions.
  • Participation of entrepreneurs in fairs.
  • Meetings with delegations of foreign entrepreneurs.
  • They are also involved in many international projects.

ul. Trębacka 4, 00-074 Warszawa, Poland
phone: +48 22 630 96 00, 630 96 13
fax: +48 22 828 41 99

For more information: www.kig.pl


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