Europe India Chamber of Commerce


Partner-logo-Europe-India-Chamber-of-CommerceFounded on 4 October 2004, the Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC) is the premier non-profit, privately funded non-governmental organization that serves as the key liaising body representing the views of both European and Indian business. It is a platform for profitable interaction between the European and Indian business communities and is recognized as the Apex Chamber of Europe which promotes bilateral trade, investment and economic relations between European Union and India. The Chamber speaks for multilateral rule based trading system and improvement in European and Indian competitiveness.

The chamber is realizing its mission through high level strategic dialogue and debate in which trade and economic issues are intensively discussed. Also, as part of our lobby activities in Brussels, Chamber helps Indian and European companies and industries who are subject to strong EU regulations in making their voice heard as we help them in policy level liaising and interventions at the highest levels of government and business.

The vision statement of the EICC states “the EICC represents and serves the interests of member businesses while cooperatively working to create an environment and economic climate for success in the business community in EU and India”. The Chamber disseminates business information including intelligence on new business opportunities, geo-political movements and important legal developments pertaining to trade and business. Its primary mission is to foster a bilateral dialogue between key business units and important decision makers, thus encouraging progressive economic policies in both Europe and India.

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