Alliance for Rural Electrification


Partner-logo-Alliance-for-Rural-ElectrificationThe Alliance for Rural Electrification is an international business association focusing on the promotion and the development of off-grid stand-alone and mini-grid renewable energy solutions for rural electrification in developing countries.

ARE is comprised of 78 members, including many market leaders. ARE serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and best-practices and is a privileged partner of stakeholders in the energy field who want to engage the private sector.

ARE’s mission is to:

  • Attract and unite all relevant actors in order to speak with one voice about rural electrification with renewable energies.
  • Enable business and market development by targeted advocacy and facilitating access to international funding.
  • Be a global platform for sharing knowledge and best practices to enhance energy access (e.g. hydro, solar, wind) and services (e.g. training).

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