Infrastructure asset management

Gaist Solutions Limted
United Kingdom
24 Nov 2016

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"Transportation in developing countries such as India is of great significance because of its contribution to national and regional economic, industrial, social, and cultural development. However, most developing countries are facing problems related to traffic and transportation. Inadequate transportation facilities retard the process of socioeconomic development in a country. Using a blend of innovative highways surveying technology, modelling software and cloud based systems Gaist can rapidly provide a highly detailed, highly accurate assessment of the extent condition and serviceability of all roads and footways within a city region or wider area. Gaist can empower officials with the information and business case they need to secure long term investment funding and understand the long term cost of developing networks and operating their asset base to keep them in the optimal condition for the minimum cost. Gaist will also provide network operators with the data they need to prepare for the deployment of new technologies to allow rapid transition to new transport systems such as driverless cars."

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Gaist Solutions Limted
Industry SME 11-50
SME 11-50
24 Nov 2016

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Gaist Solutions Limted
Gaist Solutions Limted
0044 0 7850913984

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